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Social Services

Seniors Socializing
  • Counseling and emotional support for patients and families

  • Crisis intervention for patients and families in difficult situations

  • Assistance with advanced care planning and end-of-life care

  • Help to access community resources, such as financial assistance, housing, and transportation

  • Education and advocacy on behalf of patients and families

  • Assistance with insurance and benefits coordination

  • Support for patients with mental health or substance abuse issues

  • Coordination of care with other healthcare providers

  • Assessment of patient and family needs and development of care plans

  • Assistance with navigating the health care system.

Medical social services are an essential component of health care that aim to address the social and emotional factors that impact a patient's overall health and well-being. Medical social workers provide a range of services, including counseling, crisis intervention, resource referrals, and patient education. They work with patients and their families to identify and address social and emotional issues that may be impacting their health, such as housing insecurity, financial concerns, and mental health issues. Medical social services are often a critical component of care for patients with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or complex medical needs, as they can help improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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